Date: March 22, 2002.



Already much is written about primitive african Dogon tribe. The attention of a world public was attracted with the fact of knowledge of Dogons of the information on a structure of Sirius star system and our Solar system. The name "Dog On" occurs from the English conformity " Dog Star " - Star a Dog - people from Canis Majoris constellation , alpha of which is Sirius. Some dogon's knowledge were confirmed by modern astronomical observations in 70 - years of century, whereas the existence of Sirius C is not confirmed until now , however it is supposed. The philosophical concept of Dogons about Creation of the World is also interesting.

Taking into account, that the above described information is in detail stated in mass media and Internet, we shall not repeat it. Besides all this information is only author's versions of interpretations of - Marseilles Griouleau & Germain Dieterlen. Let's note only, that Dogons claim, that the knowledge was transferred to them by the space visitors from Sirius on behalf of amphibious reptile Nommo, which should return in 2003. If he departed at all

Now scientists are uniform in one: nobody can precisely tell, whence have Dogons come from? Some of them (scientists) assume dogons to have appeared literally from "nowhere", others antropologists consider them as the branch of Egyptian origin. These theories were based on similarity some mythical nuances, in particular Sirius worship. Both hyphotesis do not stand any criticism and once again confirm, that we no almost nothing about Dogons

By the way, the first version is closer to the Truth, than second one. In general, modern antropology constantly makes the same mistake: assuming of various nations' origin on the basis of similarity of their cultures and mythical views and doctrines. Certainly, the interaction of cultures always took place, however presence in them of similar fragments is a consequence and certificate that all of them had emerged from Uniform Root Doctrine. Bible myth about the Babylon chaos and division of languages - metaphorical certificate of this Root Knowledge splitting.

Mysterious and not numerous nations, were In existence all times on the Earth,whose information and cultural heritage attracts not weakening attention of mankind. Sumers, Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Tolteks, Maya, Dogons etc. They can be characterized by common features of these and such peoples, in particular phenomenon of their sudden occurrence and sudden and fast disappearance from the Earth. Especially vivid example is presented by the people of Maya and Dogons.





There is an information in Dogon's records that at the moment Nommo coming a new star has flared up in the sky which was five times brighter than Venus. According to certain hypotheses, the speech goes about extraterrestrial ship, according to another - about emergence of a supernova possibly in Sirius stellar system. It should be found out soon.

There are also indications that Sirius sometime was on a place of our Sun. Is mentioned and about Sirius C - " a Star of the Woman ", which should become the new center of the world. In the given knowledge the motif of Galactic system of the Spiritual Sun or Portal Cascades is traced. It is known, that as a result of Quantum Leap there will be a go-ahead displacement of the Spiritual Sun of the Earth and there will come Epoch of the Mother of the World. Probably, Dogons mean transition of the Spiritual Subjective Sun from Sirius A to Sirius C - Female Star of the Mother of the World.

This physical - spiritual process can be accompanied by star collapse and its turning into supernova. The energy will suffice for power maintenance of evolution of all Solar system in following Cosmic cycle. (At the moment of explosionenergy emanating in space is equal to energy of all 250 billions of stars of our Galaxy taken together)

There is also a hypothesis, according to which Dogons came on the Earth from Sirius. The Highest Forces name Dogons as the Keepers of Codes. It is supposed the existence of sacred caves, in which are objects from Sirius: a mummy of the Alien, Box of Sirius, Crystal of Dofons and Sacred Lake. The cave of this mountain, and the mountain is a Pyramid. Mission of Dogons - transmitting of Sirius energy to Earth through their bodies, Mummy, Crystal and Pyramid. This necessary for the Earth and mankind energy should have benn penetrated through Planetary Chakras, Pyramids and Power Spots. However, owing to blocking, Sirius energy can not make the way to a nucleus of the Earth in complete volume. For correction of a Situation, as well as in a case with Maya - Keepers of a Galactic Beam and Ideal Frequencies of Time -, under the decision of Galactic Hierarchy of Light on the Earth was landed "cosmic special forces" - Dogons.

Dogons should in a near future disappear from the Earth, fastly and dramatically. Their leaving will be stunning as lighting, most likely the Land of Dogons will dissapear in a result of powerful underground earthquake. But before they should finish their Mission. And without the help of the people of the Earth they can not make it!




The mission of Dogons is connected also to Rainbow DNA disclosing , 10 latent strands to be more exact. .

There is an inhibited Mummy In an underground sanctuary of Dogons which resembles greatly to the one was found under the third Sevastopol Pyramid of Crimea in February, 2001. In Dogons Mummy there are Rainbow 12 strand DNA "live" samples. The brain of a Mummy is also alive.

Rainbow DNA consists of 12 Megasides, which, in turn, are differentiated by way of hierarchical decrease on Substrands, microstrands etc. There are 144000 strands of various level in human DNA. Each strand corresponds to the certain hierarchical order of the Universe. a galaxy, constellations, stars, planets, asteroids and comets, moon etc. (www.nampyranids.boom.ru) The disclosing of latent DNA strands occurs in the individual order. There is a concept of an optical or star DNA code. Each strand and substrand of the concrete man is programmed on disclosing under certain conditions - Respiralization Key.

It is the not complete list of Dogons secrets. The mankind has unique opportunity to learn and to take possession of Dogons secrets not after they are gone.

To these purposes the international project - expedition " Dogon Crystal - 2002 " is organized. During expedition visiting of Dogon sacred places is planned, as well as obtaining of newest scientific and esoteric - philosophical data.

The given expedition is to be held at the end of 2002. Representatives of all mankind should take part in it. Mission of expedition to the Dogon Country will include participation in Finishing Mystery. For them it is vital, for they can not leave, not having transferred the knowledge and external technologies for the New World.

Dogons can not leave, without having made it otherwise they will be lost. Meanwhile, term of their evacuation comes nearer. Probably, even most likely, it will take place in 2003.

We address to everyone, to whom it may concern. If, after reading this information you will feel intuitively, what exactly you should be in this expedition, do not hesitate to address us directly.

We also address to sponsors to assist making this expeditions happen.

If you would like to make a donation please contact us.


Esoteric research group


March, 23 2002




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